One Of The All-Time Great ‘SNL’ Sketches Might Be Resurrected Tonight

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12.07.13 25 Comments

bill brasky

BILL BRASKY IS A SON OF A BITCH. And he might be returning to SNL. So sayeth Adam McKay, who tweeted, “Working on a Bill Brasky for tonight’s SNL.” It’s certainly plausible: Anchorman 2 star Paul Rudd is hosting, so assuming Will Ferrell can take off the Ron Burgundy mustache for at least five minutes, maybe he’ll drop by, too? The only disappointment: long-time Brasky mythologizer John Goodman is in next week’s episode.

According to SNL Archives, there hasn’t been a Brasky sketch since 1998, when we learned Brasky once hunted down all four of the Banana Splits. He stomped and chewed every one of them with a machete. They all begged for their lives, except Fleagle. I hope we get to catch up with that 10-foot monster tonight.

(Via @GhostPanther)

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