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Hitler had a better haircut

Sebastian Oppenheim, the floppy-haired 16-year-old douchewattle of “NYC Prep” semi-fame, has appeared in photos with swastikas and a friend in Hitler garb.  Page Six says:

After finding a roll of electrical tape in the back of a car, Oppenheim and his “wingman,” Gabe, made swastikas with the tape, and Gabe put a piece under his nose to resemble a Hitler mustache. […] Sebastian’s father, Jeff, pointed out to Page Six that Sebastian is part-Jewish and that the two had just seen the trailer for “Inglourious Basterds,” which features an over-the-top fuhrer. “But even if it was done in humor, along the lines of Mel Brooks, it’s inappropriate,” Jeff said. “I’ve had a talk with him. In no way was he thinking about what these symbols mean. He’s horrified. He meant no offense. He’s mortified and very apologetic.”

So what if he pretended like Nazis are cool?  You don’t see any of the actors in Unglorious Bass Turds taking heat for dressing up like Nazis, do you?  And why is everyone always making the Nazis out to be so awful, anyway?  Is it the attempted extermination of the Jews?  It is?  Well then.  I suppose that’s fair.

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