05.05.11 8 years ago 8 Comments

In less than two weeks, Oprah Winfrey will tape her final two shows in front of thousands at the United Center in Chicago. As part of the hype, her production company put together this little supercut of all the times she’s been mentioned in TV and movies, which I’m sure Oprah plays on repeat while saying her name aloud and masturbating on a bed filled with hundred-dollar bills defaced to have her image on them instead of Ben Franklin’s. And yeah, OF COURSE there’s a mirror on the ceiling. She’s all, “Oh, Oprah. Yes, Oprah YES! OPRAH OPRAH OPRAH!”

Yikes, I hate what my brain is capable of thinking. Anyway, it’s a pretty good little video, but I would’ve liked David Letterman’s “Uma-Oprah” bit added to the mix.

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