Oprah Trebeked Dr. Phil

05.10.10 9 years ago 11 Comments

Oprah did a live show from Radio City Hall in New York on Friday in which she shaved off Dr. Phil’s mustache of 38 years. It’s the biggest TV mustachicide since the Great Trebek Shaving of 2001.

[Dr. Phil told Oprah] that he has been dispensing advice for a long time. One of his top suggestions: “I tell people you’ve got to be willing to change something!”

Then he decided to take his own advice, saying, “For the first time in over 40 years – and I have two kids and they’ve never seen me without a mustache – I am going to take off my mustache,” McGraw announced to the audience of nearly 5,300 people. Wife Robin, looking on from the audience, said, “Oh no!” [USA Today]

TMZ has video of the event, if you like boring crap. Wow, you shaved off your mustache. What a brave example Dr. Phil set by making such a humongous life change. He’s a hero, really. Maybe even America’s greatest hero. If we didn’t have firefighters, the military, teachers, astronauts, our parents, or anyone else who’s ever done someone a favor. Like, if America was all murderers and Dr. Phil, he’d be our greatest hero. Probably. Maybe.

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