Oprah Winfrey Has Responded To Terrence Howard's Comments About Her 'Tig Ol' Bitties'

03.15.13 9 Comments

Here’s what happened:

So Terrence Howard and Oprah Winfrey shot this movie called The Butler and they had to film a love scene together so everyone was like “OMG Terrence Howard you filmed a love scene with Oprah OMG” and Terrence Howard was all “Yup” so everyone was all “OMG What was it like? OMG” and Terrence Howard said it was wonderful “to have love scenes with her and those tig ol’ bitties” (Note: ACTUAL QUOTE), and then everyone was like “… … …” and I was all “[laughs for 30 straight minutes].”

ANYWAY so then Oprah went on Steve Harvey’s show and Steve Harvey was all “That Terrence Howard…” and Oprah was like “Mmmmm hmmm” and Steve Harvey was all “He really did it this time…” and Oprah was like “Mmmm hmmm AGAIN” and Steve Harvey was all “I mean, I tried to tell him…” and Oprah was like “[laughs like it’s all in good fun while secretly putting an end to Terrence Howard’s career]” and Steve Harvey was all “I WILL SAY ANYTHING YOU WANT PLEASE DON’T HURT MY FAMILY” and then Oprah giggled and was like “Eh, I do have big breastesses” (Note: Another actual quote), so in summary Terrence Howard called Oprah’s boobs “tig ol’ bitties” and Oprah called her boobs “breastesses” and I find the whole thing hilarious so I guess all three of us are nine years old and who wants to build a fort?

The end.

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