Oprah’s Audience Is Insane, Part 2

11.23.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

It was both chilling and hilarious to see the weapons-grade insanity of Oprah’s audience when she announced her “Favorite Things” episode on Friday, and I’m pleased to announce that her unprecedented second “Favorite Things” episode netted the same amount helpless blubbering. Don’t get me wrong, I want some sequined Uggs just as much as the next overweight housewife, but I like to think I’d keep my dignity somewhat intact if I found out I was getting a pair.
Click through for some of my favorite screencaps from yesterday’s episode. And keep in mind that this is only a slice of the madness documented by Faces of the Last Season of Oprah. Which leads me to the question, “What’s more likely to destroy America: Oprah fans or Palin supporters?” (Correct answer: “Please God, destroy us with a meteor.”)

“The sequined Uggs were hung by the chimney with care / In hopes that St. Oprah would stay on the air.”
(This one needs a sound effect.)

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