Is Everyone’s Favorite Drug-Dealing Lesbian Leaving ‘Orange Is The New Black’?

Fed up with only getting stuck in dryers and not nearly enough washing machines, which is a euphemism if you want it to be, Laura Prepon is leaving Orange Is the New Black. This is a shame for numerous reasons, including not being able to write “drug-dealing lesbian” in headlines anymore. It’s up to you, Melissa (M)Etheridge.

Laura Prepon has gotten fantastic reviews for her portrayal of Alex in Orange Is the New Black — but she will not be a series regular in Season 2, according to sources close to the show.

Prepon will come back for a limited number of episodes in the show’s 13-episode second season in order to resolve her story. And the door will be left often for her to return in the future. But the actress did not sign a contract tying her to the show for the upcoming season. (Via)

It’s a curious career move for Emma Stone’s big sister, who, since That ’70s Show went off the air in 2006, hasn’t done much of note, except for when Satan himself took over NBC and aired Are You There, Chelsea? for 12 straight weeks. Here’s hoping “limited number of episodes” is at least half of the season, and that tomorrow is taco night.


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