‘Orphan Black’ GIF Recap: Mind The Forks And Knives

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04.27.14 14 Comments

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Previously on Orphan Black: Kira and Mrs. S have been kidnapped but apparently not by Dyad, Art joined the Clone Club, Helena is still ticking after a shot to the chest, and Alison watched a woman die. It was a busy season premiere.

Sarah and Art managed to track Kira to a hotel room about an hour too late. They also ended up in some trouble; Art distracted the man from the Dyad Institute while Sarah ran into some new people altogether.


Turns out Kira and Mrs. S were safe and sound with the Bird Watchers, a group of people who helped Siobhan get Sarah and Felix out of London safely. While Sarah still has some questions about all the Project LEDA stuff, things seem OK. That is, until it’s found out that the Bird Watchers were gonna sell out Kira to the Proletheans. That’s when Mrs. S had to react.



Oh, speaking of the fish folk, they managed to get Helena out of the hospital.


We found out what kept her living after a shot to the chest.


While Tomas was also saved, his whole abomination spiel did not jive with these more scientifically inclined Proletheans.


As for the other clones, Alison is dealing with letting Aynsley die while Donnie really was her monitor after all.


And Cosima is on good enough terms with Rachel to keep doing her science thing.


Finally, it looks like Sarah, Felix, and Kira are out. Though I’m not nearly as optimistic about their trip as they seem to be.


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