The Latest 'Orphan Black' Trailer Is Taking The Mystery To Terrifying New Heights

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03.11.14 9 Comments

Orphan Black was one of the more pleasant surprises out of last year’s television landscape, giving us Tatiana Maslany, an almost limiteless mystery, and a reason to enjoy clones once again (suck it, George Lucas). It was one of the shows that I probably binged watched without knowing and I don’t regret it.

Like most trailers though, nothing too in depth is revealed here. We get to spend a time with the more villainous side of Orphan while getting a reminder that time is short before the season begins. But this is more Orphan Black (alongside these sneak peeks over at BBC America) and that’s not a bad thing.

Oh, we do get a look at Michiel Huisman in his role as “a rugged outdoorsman.” He also landed a role on Game of Thrones this season, so I’d say things are looking up for him. Sadly, I won’t be able to see anyone but Sonny from Treme and I’ll immediately want someone to shoot him in the head or cut him in half with a flaming sword. Whatever comes first, I’m not picky. Just get it done.

(Via BBC America)

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