Here’s Our Best Look Yet At How Many People Are Watching Netflix’s Original Series

Netflix’s book of secrets is only two chapters long. Chapter One: “The Ratings For All of Our Original Content.” Chapter Two: “The Number of Times You Have Paused Blue Is the Warmest Color.”

The book is kept in a vault below a pizza restaurant in Kentucky, and the only people allowed to look are Reed Hastings and Ricky Gervais, and certainly not the press and Native Americans. But San Diego-based Luth Research did some digging with Variety to discover “one of the media business’s best-kept secrets” by assembling “a sizable panel of Netflix subscribers in the U.S. [to determine] the most popular programs on the streaming service.”

What they found is that Kimmy Schmidt is strong as hell.

Daredevil, the first of multiple superhero dramas coming to Netflix as part of a deal with Marvel, premiered April 10, and is seeing strong sampling, with an estimated 10.7% of subscribers watching at least one episode in its first 11 days on the streaming service.

By way of comparison, the third season of House of Cards, which premiered Feb. 27, attracted 6.5% of subs over its first 30 days of availability. New comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt also bettered Cards in its first month (7.3%), while new drama Bloodline appears to be a slow starter (2.4%). (Via)

Things aren’t as grim for House of Cards as they may seem. Variety notes that the recently-released third season was binge-watched more than any of the other originals, “with nearly half of subs having watched at least three episodes in a single day in the first 30 days after release.”

None of those numbers are official — the data only came from “2,500 Netflix subscribers watching via computers, tablets, or smartphones,” and NOT televisions — but it’s the closest we’ve come to understanding how people watch Netflix. Expect more Marvel and peeno noir in the future.

Via: Variety