Pacey-Con Invokes Glory Days of Dawson’s Creek

07.26.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

As Comic-Con came to a close yesterday, Joshua Jackson hijacked some attention away from sci-fi/comic book geekery and redirected it towards late-’90s precocious teen schmaltz.

A small group of people were gathered on the lawn a distance from the convention center. They were standing around Joshua Jackson from ‘Fringe’, he was staging his own “Pacey-Con”, giving out fan fiction he wrote and getting pictures with the women, all while the “Dawson’s Creek” theme music played on a boom box. [Non-Sport Update via shimmery shine]

I have to say, I’m impressed that Jackson was willing to embrace the fact that everyone still calls him Pacey, especially since everyone else from that show is now a shell of their former self: Katie Holmes is a prisoner of Scientology, Michelle Williams is raising Heath Ledger’s orphan, and James Van Der Beek works for the U.S. government at the El Paso-Ciudad Juárez border, where his forehead serves as a barrier to prospective illegal immigrants.

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