Here's Every Pam Poovey Food Prop From 'Archer'

Nothing makes me happier than a Pam Poovey animated food prop (see: above). And while you wouldn’t know if it from this week’s promo for “The Honeymooners,” the episode is chocked full of all new Pam + food visual splooshiness. With that in mind our friends at Floyd County provided us with the below rundown of (almost) every food and beverage item Pam has been seen holding throughout the series. Yes, there are multiple bear claw entries.

All I’ve done is toss on a link to the best corresponding media possible, if any, while developing a palate for absinthe, chicken, and waffles. Let’s take a gander…

And there you have it: the diet of everyone’s favorite farm raised street-fighting spy agency HR supervisor. Kids, take note.