Paralympian Alana Nichols Proves Paul Rudd Doesn’t Even Have To Be Around To Prank Conan

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01.21.14 13 Comments

We brought the ongoing Paul Rudd/Mac And Me prank from Conan to your attention a little while back. Now others are getting in on the joke and Paul Rudd doesn’t even need to be on the show for it to work.

Paralympian Alana Nichols stops by and probably provides my favorite installment of the clip saga. Thankfully she’s in on the joke and it adds to the enjoyment in it’s own twisted way.

I can only hope that no one else tries it though. It could very well get overplayed even before Paul Rudd returned to retire it and put another clip into rotation. My suggestion? The end of the Brian Bosworth classic, Stone Cold. Every movie needs a steady victory walk towards the camera for well over a minute. And Lance Henriksen.

(Via Team Coco)

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