Paris Hilton Thought She Was Going To Die In This Awfully Cruel Plane Crash Prank

This is cruel, just plain cruel.

Egyptian actor Ramez Galal convinced hotel heiress and quasi-famous person Paris Hilton that their plane was crashing. The prank was pulled on Galal’s show, Ramez in Control, in the skies above Dubai.

Hilton initially thought she was taking a jet tour of the city. But moments into the flight, things went sideways when the pilots began performing acrobatic maneuvers. The prank, which looks absolutely terrifying, lasts several minutes.

This appears to be the show’s entire segment.

On one hand, sure, this might be fake. Paris Hilton might be in on the whole thing. On the other hand, nope, no way. Hilton doesn’t have the acting chops to pull this off. (Via Ramez In Control)

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