‘Parks And Recreation’ Actually Predicted That The Cubs Would Win The 2016 World Series

11.03.16 2 years ago 2 Comments


Could “Parks and Recreation predicted it” be the new Simpsons predicted it?

In the season seven episode “Ron & Jammy,” Andy and Tom travel to Chicago to visit Tom’s ex-girlfriend, Lucy. After taking a $830 cab ride, the trio walk around “The Big Apple,” as Andy calls it, and Lucy notes, “Yeah, I think you’re really gonna like it here. And obviously, everyone’s in a really great mood now because of the Cubs winning the series.” That episode takes place in summer 2017, which means the Chicago Cubs had to win the World Series in… 2016 (which actually happened in Game 7 on Wednesday night!).

“You’re welcome” — creator Michael Schur to Cubs fans right now.

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