Oh, Just The Cast Of ‘Parks And Recreation’ Hanging Out With The Indianapolis Colts

Just the male cast and the tremendous Michael Schur to be correct. And only Reggie Wayne (Andy’s favorite player), Andrew Luck (Andy’s new co-favorite player?), Colts owner Jim Irsay, and a couple of other dude’s who I’m not going to bother researching to be completely correct. Donna’s probably inspecting the showers.

If you’re a Parks-aholic you may be aware that they’ve been shooting quite heavily in Indianapolis recently. The Indy Star has all sorts of coverage here. They also filmed an impromptu scene with Newt Gingrich, in case you were wondering. There’s more out there but I’m not looking to know entire episodes before they air, only to enjoy single images and speculate wildly as to whether Reggie’s feelings are hurt by Andy’s Luck jersey, or if Ben can relate an NFL game to “Blackwater”, or how Jerry will blow the Colts playoff chances.

Full enlargeable image that will make you resent Colts fans even more below.

Via Reddit