Skinny Andy Dwyer’s British Accent Wins These New ‘Parks And Recreation’ Premiere Clips

In two short weeks we’ll be occupying this space to recap and discuss the hour-long season premiere of the best network comedy going. But until then we’ll just have to settle for these three all-new preview clips from NBC teasing Parks and Recreation’s London premiere on September 26th.

As you may remember, UK fans caught glimpses of filming over the pond and we learned Ron Swanson refuses to remove his hand from his pants while standing outside of Buckingham Palace.

Once you’re done attempting to replicate Andy Dwyer’s British accent after watching the below, I’m pretty sure the only follow ups are reminding yourself of all the promising guest stars lined up for Season 6 and then re-watch the Season 5 gag reel, because Perd Hapley’s Thelma & Louise review.

Parks And Recreation