The ‘Parks And Recreation’ Cast And Make-A-Wish Foundation Gave A Young Man The Best Day Of His Life

Not that we need any more evidence to prove that Parks and Recreation has one of the most likable casts on television, but this story seals the deal.

Redditor Signal-7_10-4, who suffers from Von-Hippel Lindau syndrome — a rare genetic condition that predisposes individuals to tumors and has given the young man seven on his brain alone — recently shared the story of his trip to the Parks and Recreation set through the Make-A-Wish foundation. The tidbits he shared about the “best day of his life” are just wonderful.

Here are some photos and anecdotes (of course Amy Poehler took selfies with her own phone) he shared from his experience. It looks like he was on set for the filming of the big big flash-forward from last season’s finale (note Poehler’s hair and Adam Scott’s tuxedo).

Going into it, I was prepared for the possibility of some actors just acting nice. Holy crap was I wrong. Amy Poehler was litt-rally one of the kindest and most loving people I’ve ever met. She just kept coming back for another conversation, hug, or picture. The selfie being taken in the picture I posted above as “proof” was actually her phone. A lot of the actors actually took pictures or video. She made sure to get our contact information to send us stuff and check in every once in a while. She set us up with VIP tickets and meet-and-greet passes to see an improv show that night featuring some other NBC heavy hitters including Kenneth from 30 Rock and AJ from The Office (and P&R). I had no idea that an A-list celebrity like herself could be so sweet and kind. It blew us away.

The manliest handshake I will ever be a part of. It still gives me chills.

Aziz is one of the coolest dudes. He also just stopped by to say hi because he wasn’t filming.

Amy made sure to take lots of selfies with her own phone. I’m still waiting for her to text them to me.

Jim O’Heir & Jon Glaser stopped by JUST to say hi! They stayed and chatted for over an hour.

Larry/Gary/Jerry, Councilman Jamm, and Tom Haverford came to see me! They wanted to meet me! How is it possible to feel any more loved than that?

Seeing Blake Henderson was a huge surprise! I’m a huge Workaholics fan, so it was great to see him.

After the episode containing a Twizzlers/Red Vines debate I had Adam Scott sign my Twizzlers.

My family and I had a great day of watching the filming The cast/crew at Parks & Rec were extremely welcoming.

If you enjoyed these pictures, you can go to to make things like this possible for more kids.

I want to give a shout out to those who made my trip possible: * Everyone who supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation * Those at Make-A-Wish who volunteered their time to plan the trip * NBC Universal & everyone at Parks and Recreation * Universal Studios Hollywood & Universal Sheraton Hotel * American Airlines

For more information about Josh, his condition, and his day with the Parks and Recreation cast, you can check out the Reddit AMA he conducted yesterday.