Watch The Trailer For ‘Parks And Recreation: The Movie: The Murder: The Li’l Sebastian’

I’m generally not a huge fan of TV show movie trailers, mostly because there’s Game of Thrones remade as a romantic comedy…and then there’s everything else. But this one’s too good not to share: “patricespieces” edited old episodes of Parks and Recreation together to create a thrilling trailer about the too-soon death of Lil’ Sebastian, Pawnee’s favorite miniature horse. It’s already achieved the “Michael Schur Seal of Approval For Tremendously Excellence” (that’s a major step above the “Dan Harmon *Shrug* Medal”), as well as today’s “UPROXX This Totally Doesn’t Suck, Bro” award. Quite the accomplishment.

Also, Mouse Rat’s “5,000 Candles” plays. Hope you’re enjoying heaven’s hay, Lil’ Sebastian.