5 NBC Web Videos That Will Have You Feeling All Awesomesauce For 'Parks And Recreation' Season 5

I may have already mentioned that Parks & Rec returns this week but it’s something that bears repeating. So why not start spreading that joy a few days early with a handful of tremendous web videos that you probably haven’t seen because — as we’ve covered before — NBC is really good at making internet-friendly videos, just not always so good at marketing them.

We’ll kick things off with the new too-many-exciting-things-of-note-to-document-here Season 5 sneak peek trailer below. It’s spectacular. From there it’s the Knope 2012 Tribute, a compilation of Ben Wyatt awkward moments, and — if you’re well behaved and voted for Burnsy’s t-shirt — maybe some Perd Hapley. Apologies in advance for any Always Infinity pre-rolls. Other than that, enjoy.

Source: NBC.com