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One cat lady’s Americana is another man’s tacky crap

Wow.   Apparently Chia stuff still exists, because the company is now advertising a Chia Obama.  That’s right, America: now is the time to own an earthenware bust of the president on which you can grow a green Afro (and a goatee, I suppose, although the commercial below doesn’t show that).  C’mon everybody, help celebrate the election of the nation’s first terra cotta president!

As for the headline to this post, well, I recall going to middle school, and black kids with nappy ‘fros got called “chia head.”  Not by me, mind you.  Even if I were insensitive enough to use such a term, I was much too small to make fun of anyone.  I was like a little mouse in junior high, scurrying about, hoping not to be seen.  If, ya know, mice could be nerdy and take honors classes.

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