‘Partners’ Has Been Canceled. Will ‘COPS’ Be Canceled?

According to Deadline, Partners, or that CBS show that airs in-between Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel trying to make the best out of bad thing and Kat Dennings’s boobs on Monday nights, has been canceled.

I have learned that CBS has decided not to give a back order to new comedy Partners. The show will be pulled from the schedule immediately, with comedy repeats airing in the Monday 8:30 PM slot for the time being. The news comes on the heels of Partners hitting a series low (1.8 18-49 rating) on Monday while the rest of the CBS Monday series were up or steady. (Via)

*Sad trombone*, which is probably the noise that Partners used to signify jokes. Hey, speaking of non sequiturs: did you know COPS is still on Fox? Well, it is, or at least will be when the show returns for its 25TH SEASON in December, but in news that’s gonna really distress Meth Head Jimmy down by the train yard:

It is the longest-running entertainment series on prime-time network television. Moreover, 850 episodes in, the series has earned about $400 million through reruns alone. [Ed note: the real winners, Inner Circle] But it’s possible this will be its final season on Fox.

To make room for sports, the network slashed the number of episodes it ordered. Cops co-creator John Langley says the show’s future on Fox is “uncertain and problematic.” (Via)

Ugh, “sports.” Aren’t there enough sports on TV? There’s only one COPS, unless you count Police POV, Police Women of Broward County, Cajun Justice, World’s Wildest Police Videos, Big Law: Deputy Butterbean, Campus PD, DEA, K9 Cops, and the 29 other law enforcement reality shows on A&E alone. Just don’t tell Meth Head Jimmy that — he was so looking forward to being a star on the teevee.

(Via Deadline) (Via Wall Street Journal)