Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan Hired A Female Stripper For Jane Lynch After Her Final 'Party Down' Episode

Down the road — take a right to enter 1-80 E, merge onto 1-580 E, then take that to 1-5 S (goddammit, Californians) — and five hours away from the Community fan convention this weekend was a Party Down cast reunion, at Cobb’s Comedy Club as part of the San Francisco Sketchfest. Much of the cast, including runty little puppy Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan, Ken Marino, and Ryan Hansen, were there, wearing their finest unironed white shirts and pink bowties, and Splitsider collected many of the evening’s finest catered NUGGETS.

Many party themes were pitched as potential episodes, but were scrapped because of budget, and perhaps would have been seen if the series continued. One of the party ideas was a pet funeral, but animals are more expensive than extras, so it was deemed too expensive. According to Ken Marino, an idea was pitched where in the cold open, he would announce that he had terminal cancer, and after the credits, the cast would be seen coming from his funeral to their next gig. Ron would leave a posthumous video giving them advice, yet still somehow screwing it up — Ron can’t even do things right when dead. (Via)

That is the saddest story. Not the cancer thing, but the fact that Party Down had less money than Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups. Less distressing is this anecdote.

After Jane Lynch wrapped her last episode, many of the cast thought it would be funny to hire a (female) stripper for the party, against Ken Marino’s wishes. When it got uncomfortable, they blamed the idea on Marino. In Lynch’s recent memoir, she relates the story of how Marino humiliated her. Marino has since been wanting to set the record straight. (Via)

Come to think of it, Constance Carmell is a great stripper name.

(Via Splitsider)

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