Patricia Clarkson Has Some Harsh Words For Kit Harington Over His Sexism Claims

When it comes to HBO’s Game of Thrones a lot of logic and reason is thrown out the window in regards to the actual actors and actresses that portray our favorite characters. Emilia Clark — better known to the world at large as Khaleesi — had spoken out about how women in the show were always naked, at least in comparison to the male actors on the show, which believe it or not, ruffled some feathers at the time. But really, outside of her and Maisie Williams, not many of the Game of Thrones cast do or say much that is remarkable in the press, or if they do nobody really cares about it unless it contains spoilers. So it goes.

If you’ll remember back, way back to two weeks ago, Kit Harington (you may know him as Jon Snow) laid out an argument for Hollywood being sexist against men. He pointed out that he’s more revered for his head of hair, his chiseled chest, and his spotty beard than the actual person beneath all of that. While that is a valid argument, according to Jezebel, actress Patricia Clarkson took umbrage with such an argument. As valid of an argument as that may be, her counterpoint was blunt and to the point.

“He’s a sex symbol,” Clarkson scoffs. “Get over it. You have an amazing career and you’re on a hot show. Take your shirt off.”

While this may appear to be crass, it’s actually a close reflection to the treatment that women within the film and television industry have received for a long time. So no, Clarkson may not be exactly articulate here, her statement carries some weight to it and may be more effective than some sort of long, drawn-out argument that she could have crafted.

(Via Jezebel)