‘Suits’ Star Patrick Adams Will Appear On ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ As A Mystery DC Superhero

03.31.16 10 Comments

Patrick Adams already kind of plays a superhero on USA’s Suits, to the extent you consider having a photographic memory, and the ability to do complicated mathematical equations in your head in an instant, and the power to win every single legal case by handing your opponent a manila envelope with a single piece of paper inside it to be superpowers. Which, I mean, yeah. And Adams’ character on Suits is an orphan, too. All the best superheroes are orphans. Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, etc. And Batman doesn’t even have any powers, really. He’s just some angry rich dude with a goofy-looking car. If he gets to be called a superhero, so does Mike Ross. It’s settled.

All of which brings us to this: Adams will have a chance to play a second superhero soon, as the CW just announced that he’ll be playing a mystery character from the DC canon in the upcoming season finale of Legends of Tomorrow. The specific role is being kept tightly under wraps for now, but feel free to speculate away, DC fans.

Also, it’s just now dawning on me that Suits is basically Batman. Harvey is Bruce Wayne, Mike is Robin, Donna is Batgirl (or maybe like a do-gooder Poison Ivy), Jessica is Commissioner Gordon, and Louis is… oh, I don’t know, let’s go with the Penguin. Admittedly it’s far from perfect, but so is Gotham, so cut me some slack, nerds.

(Via EW)

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