Patrick Stewart Revealed The Charming Story Behind His Amazing Lobster Costume On ‘The Daily Show’

Jon Stewart welcomed Sir Patrick Stewart (hot Stewart-on-Stewart action!) to The Daily Show last night to promote his two Broadway plays, but mostly they just talked about his amazing lobster costume.

Sir Patrick opened with a poignant line about the Rob Ford and Rand Paul scandals that knocked Jon back (“You just blew my f*cking mind!”). But Jon quickly turned the conversation away from world politics because, like the rest of us, he wanted to know everything about the lobster costume. Sir Pat’s Halloween getup has a sweet story behind it, but it still managed to earn him some blowback from the hardcore crustacean fanboy community on Twitter.

And now, once more, to ensure it’s consigned to posterity:

Video via The Daily Show. Image via @SirPatStew