Patton Oswalt Visits ‘The Pete Holmes Show’ And Ruins Corn On The Cob Forever

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12.12.13 2 Comments

Any time Patton Oswalt is on television, it is one of those stop and watch moments that just doesn’t come along too often. We’ve gotten so many great moments that even when it is just a taste like this Pete Holmes Show interview, it’s still worth my time and yours.

This aids in my belief that Patton Oswalt and Jim Gaffigan own the world of non-smashable food based comedy. Calling the audience stupid by insinuating they’d jam corn on the cob up their ass is both the funniest and nicest way you could say it. Now I’m assuming that’s where creamed corn comes from and I’m really worried about my grandmother.

(UPDATE: We posted more of Oswalt on Holmes’ show here.)

(Via Pete Holmes)

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