Paul Rudd Tells Conan About The Time He Met A Bunch Of Naked Pittsburgh Steelers

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04.03.13 5 Comments

In case you haven’t noticed, Conan is doing his show from The Tabernacle in Atlanta all week, ostensibly to take advantage of Final Four fever while also giving Turner a nod, but the real reason may be to crash weddings and take selfies with his buddies/all-time guests while they’re shooting on location. Thanks to favorable tax breaks Atlanta has quietly become the go-to filming spot for big budget comedies, allowing Paul Rudd to shoot over from the Anchorman 2 set to chat about being a Jayhawk, his talentless love for sports, and that time he went with his dad’s friend to a Steelers game and came face-to-dong with many of heroes.

Just a good old fashioned Paul Rudd late night story.

Rudd also intro’d a never-before-seen clip from Anchorman 2 that is sure to be everywhere today.

Mac & Me clip! Classic Rudd. That bit will never fail to turn me into Lucille Bluth after a Gene Parmesan sighting. Atlantans deserved the experience.

Oh, and did I mention there was also a Merle and Carol cameo last night? Because there was. Spoiler: More cute than funny and things don’t end well for Conan’s basketball stunt double.

Conan — because it’s you — consider yourself forgiven for naming Tyler Perry’s House of Payne over Archer. Just don’t let it happen again.

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