Paul Rudd Tells Conan About The Time He Met A Bunch Of Naked Pittsburgh Steelers

In case you haven’t noticed, Conan is doing his show from The Tabernacle in Atlanta all week, ostensibly to take advantage of Final Four fever while also giving Turner a nod, but the real reason may be to crash weddings and take selfies with his buddies/all-time guests while they’re shooting on location. Thanks to favorable tax breaks Atlanta has quietly become the go-to filming spot for big budget comedies, allowing Paul Rudd to shoot over from the Anchorman 2 set to chat about being a Jayhawk, his talentless love for sports, and that time he went with his dad’s friend to a Steelers game and came face-to-dong with many of heroes.

Just a good old fashioned Paul Rudd late night story.

Rudd also intro’d a never-before-seen clip from Anchorman 2 that is sure to be everywhere today.

Mac & Me clip! Classic Rudd. That bit will never fail to turn me into Lucille Bluth after a Gene Parmesan sighting. Atlantans deserved the experience.

Oh, and did I mention there was also a Merle and Carol cameo last night? Because there was. Spoiler: More cute than funny and things don’t end well for Conan’s basketball stunt double.

Conan — because it’s you — consider yourself forgiven for naming Tyler Perry’s House of Payne over Archer. Just don’t let it happen again.