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Paula Abdul, shown here giving in to the ravages of time in a picture from 1997, has released a new single and will perform it on Wednesday night’s “American Idol” results show.  I would embed the audio clip here, but (a) the HTML code was too confusing for me, and (b) the song is f-cking terrible.  If you’re really feel the need to punish yourself, you can listen to it here.

The single reunites Abdul with producer Oliver Lieber, who helmed Paula’s chart topping album ‘Forever Your Girl’.

After many rumors, Abdul officially confirmed she will perform the song Wednesday night on American Idol. Abdul has never performed on the show before.

Abdul announced that she is “so excited” for her performance tomorrow night of her debut single as she announced “it’s official.”

I know I’ve already called the song terrible, but I wanted to reiterate just how bad it is.  It’s crap-pop without a hook, the sort of over-produced crap that can’t even be pulled off by sexy teenage girls in spandex, much less saggy pill-popping has-beens.  Paula, you’re making me sorry I ever masturbated to the video for “Cold-Hearted.”

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