Take A Look At The Butter-Themed Cover To The Very Real Comic Book About Paula Deen’s Life

Imagine you’re an indie comic book company. Imagine you get a big break by getting a celebrity willing to let you tell her life story. Imagine being so excited because this celebrity can reach millions of fans. Imagine the adoration you can expect for your project.

Now imagine that celebrity happens to like saying n*gger from time to time.

Poor Bluewater Productions, who decided months ago to feature our favorite high fructose n-bomber Paula Deen as the newest subject of their Female Force series. Of course, who could have predicted that she would enjoy saying the N-word? Wait, let me rephrase: who could have predicted she’d get caught saying the N-word in her life.

Save face, Bluewater. Save it good.

“We do not condone her use of racial insensitivities, and think that intolerance has no place in a just society,” said Bluewater’s president Darren G. Davis in a statement sent to FOX411. “But despite her recent failings, we also strongly believe she still has a powerful story to tell; one that fits the female empowerment model of our books.”

Davis went on to say that they would include her recent controversy in the comic. Um, sign me up for two copies. I’m going to frame it and put it next to my Michael Richards vs. Luke Cage one-shot.