Paula Deen’s Brother Says Her Restaurants Are Doing Better Than Ever

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06.25.13 14 Comments

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If you happened to catch a glimpse of the Food Network’s Facebook page in the past few days since this whole Paula Deen situation has unraveled into a huge public mess, it shouldn’t surprise you that a lot of her fans are remaining loyal. Many of the Deeners claimed that they were going to boycott the Food Network for its decision to not renew her contract, to which I say, “Yeah right.” I dare you to try ignoring Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction. That man is Picasso with meat.

Even if Deen’s fans can’t show their support by making her old network suffer, they’re apparently going to do it by putting more money in her pockets. According to her brother, Bubba Hiers, business is booming at Deen’s restaurants.

Bubba Hiers — who is also named as a defendant in the sexual and racial harassment lawsuit against Paula — was walking around Savannah today when he was asked how the family was coping.

“We’re doing fine,” Bubba said … and when asked if Deen’s businesses were continuing to thrive despite all of the bad media, he insisted the companies were “slammed” … and he meant it in a good way. (Via TMZ)

I’m not sure how he would have meant slammed in a bad way, but either way, Deen’s fans won’t let her ride off on her trusty steed into the buttery sunset just yet. I’m sure there’s another network out there that will be willing to give her a chance sooner or later, but I’m guessing it won’t be BET.

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