Paz Continues to Be a Glorious Mess

Oh, Paz de la Huerta, I was getting worried — you hadn’t done anything naked in FOREVER. The former-“Boardwalk Empire” star/current…um…not an anteater? (I have no idea what she’s doing) recently had a photoshoot with Terry Richardson, who I’m 97% sure is the result of scientists wondering what a human would look like were he made of semen, cigarette ashes, and slime, and it’s just as desperately sexy as you’d imagine.

You can view all the very nude photos on Richardson’s Tumblr, but I’d like to point out that Paz de la Huerta has a picture of Paz de la Huerta in her apartment, right above her bed. But not just any picture of Paz de la Huerta:

Maybe she can play Wilding #8 on “Game of Thrones” next season?

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