Paz de la Huerta Charged with Assault, Being Sexy as Hell

04.19.11 8 years ago 22 Comments

“Boardwalk Empire” actress and sexy high-speed train wreck Paz de la Huerta  has been hit with five misdemeanor charges (not just a riding crop), the result of a night club altercation for which she was arrested last month. TMZ says:

Paz just appeared incriminal court in Manhattan — where the D.A. filed 5 misdemeanor charges against de la Huerta … including two counts of 3rd degree assault, 4th degree criminal possession of a weapon, attempted assault, and harassment.

Not to mention the dozens of first-degree boners. The judge also granted a restraining order preventing de la Huerta from contacting Samantha Swerta, who previously appeared on MTV’s “The City.”

Prosecutors told the judge Paz trashed Samantha during her stint in the police station on the night of the incident … saying, “I’m a REAL actress — HBO! She’s a publicity seeker, a FAKE actress.”

My God but I love Paz de la Huerta. She has no hang-ups about getting nude, she frequently drinks too much, and she hates reality TV stars. She’s the ideal woman; I couldn’t possibly ask for more from her. Well, that’s not quite true. She could come over here and make me a sandwich. I missed lunch.

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