Paz de la Huerta, On Her Playboy Shoot: “I Celebrate Nudity Every Day”

12.19.12 12 Comments

In news that will assuredly shock all of you and cause your monocles to fall into your morning tea, former Boardwalk Empire star and noted fun-seeming lady Paz de la Huerta has posed au naturel for the upcoming issue of Playboy Magazine. I had originally assumed the shoot involved her just, like, walking around town naked as part of her daily routine, stumbling across a Playboy photographer, and then being all “Whatever, just make it quick” when he asked if he could snap a few shots for the magazine, but Paz did an interview to accompany the pictures, and it turns out it was planned and scheduled and everything. Like a real magazine shoot!

“Cindy Crawford and Marilyn Monroe have appeared in Playboy,” de la Huerta tells Deitch of her decision to strip down for the magazine. “I celebrate nudity every day. It’s our first wardrobe.”

And she admits Sorrenti is the reason her shoot came out the way it did, saying he brings “so much mystery and sensuality to his photographs.”

“We did the photos with no makeup, and we both wanted them to have a very natural feeling,” de la Huerta explains. “It was more about bringing out a part of myself that has not really been shown to the public, a more honest portrayal of where I am now in my life.” [HuffPo]

Okay! Anyway, as you can see, I have SFWed one of the pictures from the spread by giving Paz a fashionable red bikini with black stripes (and a glass of orange juice, because she seems awfully underdressed for December and Vitamin C is important during cold and flu season), but you can find some of the more risqué images at Playboy’s website. Or you could just wait around outside your house for an hour or two and see if she shows up naked at your door. Either way.

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