Is ‘Breaking Bad’ Too Stressful To Truly Enjoy?

10.14.13 7 Comments

A friend recently started watching Breaking Bad. After getting through the first season she told me she was taking a break from it, unlike Anthony Hopkins and most others — we get so sucked in that we can’t stop watching. When I asked why, wondering if she didn’t like it or something, she said, “No…I love it. It just stresses me out really bad. I’m worried for Jesse, just like Danger Guerrero. I need a break before I can watch it again.”

This aforementioned friend came to mind when we received a press release from PBS explaining their Idea Channel’s latest web video.

We love Breaking Bad. So so much. But do we ENJOY it? The show undoubtedly satisfies, and over the past 6 years, the show has been a roller coaster of feelings: frustration, respect, horror, amazement, and more. But it may be similar to roller coasters in another way, like with horror flicks and haunted houses, where the enjoyment actually comes in the relief that comes afterward. Is this what’s going on with Breaking Bad?

And you thought we obsessed over Breaking Bad too much!

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