Peak Local News: A 5-Month-Old Pig Is Taking An Agility Class For Dogs

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As a reminder, the greatest local news stories are and will always be (1) an animal running for political office and (2) “hey, look at the size of this pumpkin/watermelon/etc.,” but I am very pleased to announce that we have a new entry in the top 10: baby pigs taking agility classes for dogs. That’s what is happening at the Family Dog Training Center in Kent, Wash., where 5-month-old Amy the Pig is turning heads.

And KOMOnews is ON IT:

Lori Stock has owned several dogs over the years, but she wanted a new animal to train. She says her extremely active indoor pig is a quicker study than past pets.

“She is the smartest dog I’ve ever trained,” Stock said.

Amy has already graduated from puppy manners class and has moved on to agility and obedience, which training center owner Katy Lang says is a first.

Couple things:

  • If you know someone who is very uncoordinated and/or you are a high school sports coach, “You look like a pig in a dog agility class out there” would be a pretty sick burn. Not necessarily accurate, as we just learned, but still. They don’t know that.
  • Imagine being the owner of a dog that got held back in the puppy manners class, or one that’s just klutzing around the agility course, and watching a baby pig tear ass through the cones and hoops like this. It must be so embarrassing. Imagine explaining it to your friends at a coffee shop. “What? Oh yeah, no. Buckets had to re-take the manners class. … What’s that? The pig? Yeah, the pig passed. … Yeah, it’s great. … No, I don’t think anything is “wrong” with Buckets. … Yes, I saw the thing on the news. … No, yeah, really great. [sighs, takes sip of coffee]”

So, there’s that.