‘Peaky Blinders’ Has Been Renewed For Two More Seasons, But Will They Come To Netflix?

Ever hear of Peaky Blinders? No? It’s a fantastic British crime drama about a family’s not-so-legal maneuverings during the early 20th century. The first two seasons are available to binge-watch on Netflix, and the third season — currently airing on BBC Two in the U.K. — is coming to Netflix at the end of May. This is all wonderful news, because creator Steven Knight (who also wrote the fantastic film Eastern Promises) and star Cillian Murphy deserve all the things. Which is why BBC Two has decided to award the series with a double order for two more seasons.

According to Deadline, the request for a fourth and fifth season of Peaky Blinders came packaged with a string of renewals and new orders from the BBC on Thursday morning. This means that Murphy’s Thomas Shelby, Tom Hardy’s ridiculous bootlegger Alfie Solomons, and the rest of the gang family will be back for another 12 episodes of Birmingham-based action, with each new season getting six entries. This isn’t at all surprising, since the popular drama has been nominated for and won several BAFTA and Royal Television Society awards, among others. Plus, critics love it — especially our own Brian Grubb.

Whether these two new seasons will make their away across the Atlantic onto Netflix (and back again) remains to be seen, as it’s too early to tell. The renewal order from the BBC detailed seasons four and five for television in the U.K., but said or implied nothing about their streaming distribution. Considering the show’s success on Netflix, however, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if more Peaky Blinders came to Netflix in the next few years.

(Via Deadline)