‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Isn’t The First Time That Pedro Pascal Was Cast In A Wonder Woman Project

In the years between the Lynda Carter-starring Wonder Woman (now available on HBO Max) and Gal Gadot’s debut as Diana Prince in 2016’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, NBC tried to make another Wonder Woman show, this one starring Friday Night Lights actress Adrianne Palicki as the titular heroine. But after viewing the notoriously terrible pilot, the network passed on the David E. Kelley-written series.

If it had been picked up, Pedro Pascal would have entered our lives that much sooner.

The Mandalorian star played Ed Indelicato in the pilot (think: the Commissioner Gordon to Diana’s Batman), years before getting the role of Maxwell Lord in Wonder Woman 1984. “Getting Wonder Woman 1984 blew my mind so much that anything that had ever happened to me prior, I don’t recall; I had no association,” Pascal told EW. “And that’s not to say that getting the Wonder Woman pilot from 2011 wasn’t a party for me, and I was devastated it didn’t get picked up.” He thought the show, where Diana lives in Los Angeles and works as the CEO of Themyscira Industries while also fighting crime as Wonder Woman, was a “very risky and interesting take in terms of what they were trying to do.” He had more to say:

“It’s only after [being cast] that I start to remember the association and the strangeness of being part of two different Wonder Woman experiences… You can never say this is the only Wonder Woman [because] Lynda Carter will be with us for the rest of our lives. But in terms of our current era of superhero movies, it seems like there was nothing before this Wonder Woman.”

The Wonder Woman show was cursed the second Pascal didn’t play a single dad.

(Via EW)