Wyatt Cenac Will Debunk Alien Abductions In ‘People Of Earth’ On TBS

With The X-Files revival just around the corner, it seems inevitable that everyone watching television these days is going to want more aliens. Leave it to Daily Show alum Wyatt Cenac, late-show host Conan O’Brien and The Office/Parks and Recreation executive producer Greg Daniels to satisfy this need with People of Earth, a new comedy coming soon to TBS. The network just greenlit the show for a 10-episode season following a successful pilot.

Cenac stars as Ozzie Graham, a journalist interviewing members of a support group who claim they were all abducted by aliens. Graham is skeptical at first, but when group leader and therapist Gina Morrison (Ana Gasteyer) intervenes, Graham realizes that he may have had his own close encounter of the third kind.

With creative input from the comedians, writers and producers behind The Daily ShowThe Tonight ShowConanThe Office and Parks and RecreationPeople of Earth‘s pedigree is impressive, but just because the talent involved comes from television royalty doesn’t mean the newest thing will be just as good (or better).

Then again, let the following exchange between two aliens settle the matter:

ALIEN 1: Okay, he’s looking right at me.

ALIEN 2: Sh*t! Hang on. Sh*t.

ALIEN 1: “I know my friggin’ job, Jeff.”

ALIEN 2: Oh eat a dick. It’s not like he’s going to remember any of this. We’re just going to wipe his mind, tell him he’s special and send him on his way like all the others.

Any show in which one alien tells another alien to “eat a dick” during an abduction scene deserves to be watched.

No word yet on when People of Earth will premiere. However, TBS says an announcement will be made soon.