The Family Of Ron Goldman Is Not Happy About ‘The People V. O.J. Simpson’

Fred Goldman Kim Goldman
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America is riveted by the O.J. Simpson trial again, thanks to American Crime Story. The people who participated in the trial seem to have a different take, though, like the Juice himself. Now the family of victim Ron Goldman is speaking out about how the show is like ripping the Band-Aid off.

According to E!, Ron’s sister Kim and his father Fred were on The Steve Harvey Show. Fred Goldman’s issue with American Crime Story is that Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson “appeared as dead bodies in the beginning and that’s it.” He says that the show loses sight of them as murder victims.

As for Kim Goldman, she doesn’t understand the value of rehashing such a painful chapter in her and her family’s life. She says:

“I don’t know what the probative value is of the show—it’s everywhere all over again and people are all, ‘Oh, the acting is riveting and this is such a great plot line,’ and I’m thinking these are murders. It’s very confusing to us because this is not entertainment…This show just kind of ripped the Band-Aid right back off, poured gallons of salt in it,” Kim said. “They’re going to leave the Band-Aid off and leave us to be and I think it’s really insensitive to not consider the families at all throughout this process.”

Between the racial politics and the tabloid culture it created, it’s easy for an outsider to see how the O.J. Simpson trial became bigger than the two victims involved in it. But it’s also easy to see how the families of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman don’t have the luxury of seeing it that way. Perhaps the producers could’ve at least notified them about the series.

(via E!)