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A new study by Nielsen reports that TV viewing among Americans is at the highest point ever — a staggering 151 hours a month.  That’s five hours A DAY.  Ugh, you people disgust me.  Four of those hours better be while you’re on the treadmill, fatty!

According to the report, [the] average viewer watches 151 hours of TV each month, which is a record and up from 140 hours in 3Q 2008 and from 145 hours in 4Q 2007. Internet (2:53 per month) and mobile viewing (3:42) were on the rise as well.

The reason for the rise in viewership, according to me: lots more people without jobs.  And also “Rock of Love Bus.”  Bret’s really gonna find the right girl this time, I can feel it!   Wait, no.  That’s just a cold sore.

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