Perez Hilton Is Going To Play Danny Tanner In ‘Full House! The Musical!’

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Full House mania has officially reached a crescendo between the Netflix reboot, an unauthorized Lifetime movie, and, as we announced last month, an off-Broadway musical production. We now know a bit more about the musical, as Perez Hilton announced today on Howard Stern that he will be playing the lead role of Danny Tanner in Full House! The Musical! For joy.

After a limited engagement in Toronto later this summer, Full House! The Musical! will be moving to Theater 80 on St. Marks street in the East Village from September 9 to November 29. It will be replacing Bayside! The Musical! which currently resides there now, and should come as no surprise as being from the same minds as the Full House musical, as well as a former Showgirls! The Musical!

I happened to walk by Bayside! The Musical! when I was in New York last month and was too fascinated to not take a picture:

As we mentioned before, Full House! The Musical! will have songs such as “This House is Too Full,” “Have Mercy on My Heart/Don’t Touch the Hair,” and “Look at These A-Holes” by Comet the Dog. It’s unclear who will be playing the part of Comet the Dog, but the role of Joey Gladstone will be played by the same actor as Mr. Belding from the Saved by the Bell musical, which I find unsettling, yet strangely appropriate.

Here’s Hilton’s announcement from this morning (refresh page if player doesn’t load):

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