Perfect For Halloween In Flavortown: Toys R Us Is Selling An Unlicensed Guy Fieri Costume

You know what I like about Toys R Us’s “Celebrity Chef” costume? I’ll tell you: the versatility. Why, you could be ANYONE! Just pop on that customary “celebrity chef” bleached blond wig and partially bleached goatee and BOOM, you’re Mario Batali, or Guy Fieri, or Giada de Laurentiis, or whichever famous current or former Food Network host you please, like a culinary chameleon!

“Hey, who are you supposed to be? Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa?” an attractive partygoer will ask.

“Indeed!” you’ll reply, and then you will both laugh and laugh and laugh at the wondrous mystery life is, moments before falling madly in love and starting a new life together. Marriage, kids, a nice little house in the suburbs with a big enough yard for the dogs to run around in, a happy retirement together in the Florida or Arizona senior golf community of your choosing, the whole the thing. All thanks to Toys R Us and their Celebrity Chef costume, yours for the low, low price of $9.74*!

Source: Eater