Pete Campbell Bear Attack Update: A Glimmer Of Hope?

So. Pete Campbell didn’t get eaten by a bear in his Manhattan office. And he didn’t get mauled right up to the point of death during a Michigan bear hunt with the Chevy executives, either. And now that he’s off Chevy thanks to Bob Benson’s chicanery, it looks like that second option is off the table entirely. This means that all of our theories about this season of Mad Men — Megan being dead, Megan being Sharon Tate, a bear in a suit and fedora tearing Pete Campbell limb from limb — were off the mark. I blame myself, really. I just wanted to see it happen so badly that I must have missed something.

Maybe I was being hopeful instead of logical, like a naive college freshman who just took his first PoliSci course. Maybe I got my wires crossed somehow. Maybe all those vibes I was sending out about Pete getting eaten by a bear ended up getting converted into “I hope Pete’s mom gets eaten by a shark” by the time they reached whichever deity is in charge of violent fictional animal attacks, like some sort telephone game gone awry. Who knows? The important thing here is that I was wrong about Pete Campbell getting attacked by a bear this season, and I owe you all an apology. I’m sorry.


Let’s keep two things in mind: First of all, there is still one more full season of Mad Men left, so there’s still time for my prediction to come true. Not a lot of time, I’ll concede that. But that’s the thing about bears. They’re fast. They don’t need a lot of time.

And second, Pete is off to California with Ted Chaough to work on the Sunkist account. This is the California state flag…

This is happening, people. I swear to God. We just have to be patient.

Thanks to @actioncookbook for the tip about the flag