Watch Pete Davidson Start A Food Fight With Claire Foy In The Latest ‘SNL’ Promo

The last time Pete Davidson recorded an SNL promo, it…well, it did not go great. Back in early November, for the Jonah Hill episode, the show’s tabloidiest cast member made a little, mostly harmless joke about being newly single. Unfortunately, the woman he was newly single from — one Ariana Grande — didn’t seem to think it was especially funny. She then appeared to subtweet her ex. That prompted Davidson to address that on his now requisite Weekend Update segment, right after he made a joke about newly elected Republican representative Dan Crenshaw that enraged the right-wing, and he then he had to bring Crenshaw on air to apologize publicly, then Crenshaw made an earnest speech, and…look, the whole thing was a mess.

So Davidson has played nice in the new SNL promo, only fake-insulting fellow castmember Heidi Gardner. He’s joined by Saturday’s host, actress Claire Foy, exiting star of The Crown and recently of First Man and the quickly forgotten Lisabeth Salander romp The Girl in the Spider’s Web. Davidson inducts her in a hallowed SNL tradition: a food fight, probably à la John Belushi. Alas, there is no such tradition, and the copious food belonged to Gardner, who looks about as nonplussed as Grande possibly was a few weeks back.

The whole melee was set to musical guest Anderson.Paak’s “Tints,” but make no mistake: SNL is Davidson’s show now, and the internet can’t wait to see what mess he inadvertently makes next.