Pete Davidson Pops In On ‘Weekend Update’ To Poke Fun At Trump’s Defenders And His Own Sobriety

I don’t think there’s any shortage of praise for Pete Davidson around these parts. His SNL appearances are usually worth your attention, especially on Weekend Update, and he’s cut his own mark with his stand-up career. Not only that, but it seems his personal life provides plenty of fascination for people, be it the tragic loss of his father on September 11th or his recent announcement that he is sober for the first time in 8 years.

He brought up that last point during his appearance on last night’s SNL, poking fun at himself while also giving some first impressions of all those Trump defenders out there. Sure, he does it by comparing himself to Paul Ryan and that’s not fair for anybody, but it is funny and injects some levity into Davidson’s situation. Still not a reason to compare yourself to Paul Ryan, but I get it. Also good to know that being sober allows you to dream and “wake up with boners” again.

Comparing Jason Chaffetz to Simple Jack from Tropic Thunder is pretty great, edging out Sean Hannity as a thumb up Trump’s ass as the joke of the segment. But the whole thing is good and a nice follow up to the sobriety announcement earlier in the week.