HBO Offers Up An Early Peek At The Misery Facing Pete Holmes In His New Comedy ‘Crashing’

Bad things are about to happen to beloved yuk slinger Pete Holmes. That’s not a threat, mind you. More of an observation based off of promotional material put out by a premium cable channel.

Holmes and Judd Apatow have aligned forces for the HBO comedy Crashing and the time has come to have a healthy gander at an early peek of what’s to come. Clocking in at an economical 90 seconds, this introduction should tick a few familiar boxes. Holmes is playing a version of himself, familiar comics (like T.J. Miller) pop by and bad/strange/unexpected things happen. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have Artie Lange pick apart your awful day at the office, you can now live vicariously (but with a helpful TV buffer) through Holmes.

The series, which is set to premiere on February 19, lines up comfortably with a lot of comedian-driven shows based off this brief tease. The X Factor (but not the X Factor®) is Holmes, who continues his steady track record of being charming and goofy and someone that has creative solutions to cocaine-based problems. We’re not counting on a Westworld crossover episode, but it could be a worthwhile thing to bring up at the big ol’ company softball game.