HBO Offers Up An Early Peek At The Misery Facing Pete Holmes In His New Comedy ‘Crashing’

11.22.16 1 year ago 2 Comments

Bad things are about to happen to beloved yuk slinger Pete Holmes. That’s not a threat, mind you. More of an observation based off of promotional material put out by a premium cable channel.

Holmes and Judd Apatow have aligned forces for the HBO comedy Crashing and the time has come to have a healthy gander at an early peek of what’s to come. Clocking in at an economical 90 seconds, this introduction should tick a few familiar boxes. Holmes is playing a version of himself, familiar comics (like T.J. Miller) pop by and bad/strange/unexpected things happen. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have Artie Lange pick apart your awful day at the office, you can now live vicariously (but with a helpful TV buffer) through Holmes.

The series, which is set to premiere on February 19, lines up comfortably with a lot of comedian-driven shows based off this brief tease. The X Factor (but not the X Factor®) is Holmes, who continues his steady track record of being charming and goofy and someone that has creative solutions to cocaine-based problems. We’re not counting on a Westworld crossover episode, but it could be a worthwhile thing to bring up at the big ol’ company softball game.

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