Pete Holmes Fails To Impress A 'Provocative' Chun-Li In 'Street Fighter Red Tape'

The Pete Holmes Show made a third installment of their “Street Fighter Red Tape” series, following up on the ones in which Mark-Paul Gosselaar played Ryu and Thomas Middleditch played Vega. This time Lilan Bowden plays Chun-Li and Pete tries to flirt with her while also breaking the news that viewers have complained about her “provocative” clothing.

So how does Chun-Li respond after being compared to “a milkmaid who works at Hot Topic”?

CHUN-LI: “This is a big double standard, because Zangief, he fights with boots and a speedo on.”

PETE HOLMES: “But Zangief’s special move is not flipping upside down, opening his legs, and spinning for everybody to see your business.”

“You mean my spinning bird kick?”

“Yeah, I just had it down as the making teenage boys horny kick.”

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Via Pete Holmes