Knives Out: Pete Holmes Insults Vega In The Newest 'Street Fighter Red Tape' Sketch

The Pete Holmes Show posted a second installment of their “Street Fighter Red Tape” series, in which Holmes questions the street fighters’ methods. Last time Mark-Paul Gosselaar played a butt-obsessed, gibberish-speaking Ryu. This time Holmes questions Vega, played by Thomas Middleditch, the actor who also played Gambit and Nightcrawler in the show’s videos of X-Men getting fired.

Perhaps my favorite part was Holmes’ response when Vega claims using three knives in a street fight is an integral part of his matador fighting style.

HOLMES: “Why not just wear a full suit of knight’s armor? Or just ride into the arena in a tank?”

VEGA: “A tank would actually be very useful.”

“Oh my God.”

“I would be the guy with the tank fighting style. I leap. I leap. I jump. I punch. Tank.”


That’s some straight up Mortal Kombat sh-t.

Via Pete Holmes