Peter Capaldi Had Some Heartfelt Advice For A Young ‘Doctor Who’ Fan Who Wants To Work On The Show

Doctor Who is a show with heart. Few shows this popular are so unabashedly in favor of being the best person that you can, while also approaching life with kindness and goodness. While the Doctor may have an edge of anger after centuries of living, there is still an undercurrent of optimism.

Luckily for fans, the current Doctor is the perfect guy to convey that kind of thoughtfulness. Peter Capaldi was a guest at the latest Dallas Comic Con, and during a panel event took a question from a six-year-old fan who had a very specific question for the time lord. Fez atop his tiny head and sonic screwdriver in hand, the young boy asked “When I grow up I want to be a part of Doctor Who. What should I do to get there?” While many might dismiss the question with a few rote answers, Capaldi took the time to really answer the boy’s question in an informative, yet easy to understand way.

“Well you’re doing the right thing by coming here. You’ve got to be nice to your mum. You’ve got to be kind to people. You’ve got to work hard, and make the very best of the gifts that you have, of your talents, and take them out into the world. If you work hard, if you’re kind, and you’re lucky, that will all be recognized. f you write to the BBC and say ‘I love Doctor Who, I’d love to work on it,’ and then we’ll put that letter in a file somewhere, and when you’re old enough they may want to see you and talk to you about it. But the important thing is to have that ambition, to want to do that. Because if you want to do something like that, it means that you’re a clever, and a bright, and a creative person. And that’s the most important thing to take forward, to take forward that belief in yourself, and a belief of how valuable it is to bring creativity into the world. So you’ll do fine.”

They say never meet your heroes, but it sounds like Capaldi does not disappoint. Why is the wait for season 10 so desperately long?

(Via HitFix)